HP Z6 G5 A – the wait is over We know many of you have been waiting for us to launch AMD Threadripper in our Z Workstations! Now we’re not only doing that – we’re also providing you with the ultimate generation to date – the Threadripper Pro 7900WX series – code name Storm Peak.

This new CPU series ranging from 12 cores up to a massive 96 cores 350W will handle many different use cases. The CPU range covers both high frequency, single threaded workflows in CAD, through balanced single- and multithread performance within Media & Entertainment and Product Development, all the way up to extreme multithreaded work in AI development for Data Scientists.

To maximize CPU usage, the Z6 G5 A features an 8 channel / 1 DIMM per channel architecture which supports up to 1TB DDR5 5200 Mhz ECC Memory.
PCIe Gen5 slots
To ensure max expandability and performance also for tomorrow, we have no less than 4 PCIe x16 Gen5 lanes, 1 PCIe x16 Gen4 and 1 PCIe x4 Gen4.

PCIe Gen5
doubles the bandwidth of Gen4 which means that this system is ready for future generation GPUs anticipated for 2025 and beyond. The Z6 G5 A supports up to 3 x Nvidia RTX 6000 ADA 48 GPUs for massive GPU-intensive workloads such as rendering, visualization, simulation, AI model training and more.
PCIe Gen5 SSDs
Support for up to 4 integrated M.2 NVME SSDs – of which 2x PCIe x4 Gen5. The PCIe Gen5 based slots will – as we start introducing PCIe Gen5 SSD drives (late 2024 TBD) – double the read- and write speeds compared to Gen4 which will further help developers and designers create at the speed of imagination.
Z Turbo Drive Dual Pro supports additional 2 M.2 SSDs and Z Turbo Quad Pro supports additional 4 M.2 SSD.

Front Removable Storage
Up to 4x PCIe Gen4 SSD drives – with hot-swap support. What are the benefits?
fastest possible data transfer between machines, such as video project files in M&E or massive datasets in AI development.
remove the OS and/or Data drives and lock in a safe overnight to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

1GbE NIC (DASH) standard.
Optional 2nd NIC 1GbE Copper, 1GbE Fiber LC, 2.5 GbE or 10 GbE as Flex IO.
Dual 1GbE or Dual 10GbE, Nvidia Mellanox 1/10/25 Gbps PCIe cards.
Dual Thunderbolt 4 PCIe card (planned for June ’24).
WiFi 6 via Flex IO or WiFi 6E PCIe card w/ external antenna.
Cooling & Acoustics
Isolated cooling zones
. Adaptive fan control with up to 28 different fan speed algorithms and over 20 thermal sensors that continuously adjust fan speeds to maintain system temperatures. Increased air intake with redesigned front chassis ID and side panel venting. Split PCIe system board with Optimized PCIe slot spacing improves internal airflow.
Security – built into our hardware
Developed by HP Labs many years ago and included by default in all our HP Elite- and HP Z product platforms, the HP Endpoint Security Controller (HP Sure Start) keeps your firmware protected. This extra h/w-chip on the motherboard is electrically isolated, cannot be disabled, accessed or tampered with – verified by 3:rd party lab ANSSI. It’s the first component to receive power when you start the machine, as it performs an integrity check of your BIOS. This self-healing BIOS protection system also acts as an anchor that enables you to implement more h/w based security features below the OS as well as on OS level – see this Whitepaper  

HP Anyware
The ultimate solution for remote Workstation work
. HP Anyware lets you connect to your Workstation remotely and gives users that just like local experience they expect– using up to four 4K 60 Hz Dreamcolor displays for video editing and finishing, AEC projects, Product Development, AI development and more.
No other remoting protocol in the market comes close in terms of Performance and User Experience.

Your data stays Secure. HP Anyware lets your data stay in your secure environment. Only transfers AES 256-bit encrypted pixel changes to the endpoint device. All components can be 100% installed on-prem to support high security environment requirements.
OS Support
Client Devices
Host System

HP Anyware Manager lets IT manage all users access rights to remote Workstations and removes the need for VPN when outside the firewall.
Creation of pools for different user groups and enabling 24×7 use of remote machines maximizes ROI and User Experience.

Workstations in the Office or Rack Mounted? It doesn’t matter. Connect your existing machines in the office into HP Anyware, add more when you need or rack mount all of of them in your datacenter.
HP Anyware Remote System Controller is our new server grade remote management solution. It’s a browser based IP KVM solution that works with any h/w. With the latest generation HP Z Workstations, it enables full power button control, direct BIOS communication, BareMetal imaging and more. Choose between embedded software with Direct 1:1 access, our upcoming HP Fleet Manager software or use the Redfish API to add Workstations into your existing Redfish environment.  The HP RSC is available in an internal PCIe card form factor or external USB device that you can connect to any device. Both form factors can be ordered CTO and/or After Market Option.